PPL Utilities Bright Kids Program and Contest Winners

In the fall of 2020, the second grade students at Moscow Elementary Center participated in PPL Utilities Bright Kids program. PPL provided the teachers with a virtual presentation, which was presented and discussed in class. The students were given energy saving kits to take home as part of the program. The MEC second grade teachers were awarded mini-grants for participating in the Bright Kids program. This grant money was used to buy items for the classroom.

The students also created posters to submit to PPL's yearly poster contest. MEC had several winners. These winners were announced and the students and teachers were awarded Amazon gift cards. The winners were Greyson Montgomery and Wayde Morgan, from Mrs. Goul's class. Brandon Swartz, from Mrs. Luzio's class, and Cameron DiStefano from Mrs. Romanski's class.

The students learned a lot about energy conservation and looked forward to using the items included in the kids in their own homes. They also enjoyed creating their posters for the contest. Congratulations to the winners from Moscow Elementary Center.