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Schools get A+ savings with PPL

There’s plenty of energy about saving energy in the North Pocono School District.

This is a place where they know their kilowatts, where student classroom duties go beyond the usual fare and include kilowatt-cutting jobs like turning off the lights and computers. It’s a place where teachers close classroom doors to help the heating and cooling systems work more efficiently and where room light motion sensors are pointed just right, so lights go off when they should.

Since the Moscow, Pa-based district first got involved in PPL Electric Utilities’ Continuous Energy Improvement program about three years ago, it has saved more than 2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and saved more than $200,000, money that can now be used for education.

The savings come from physical and mechanical changes, such as new lighting, as well as behavioral changes, such as remembering to turn off lights, computers, copiers and more.

PPL’s ongoing guidance and energy monitoring tools have helped the district get to a better place on energy use. PPL has helped North Pocono School District to create a “culture of energy awareness.”

-Clip from PPL Connect June 2017